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Renovation is Complete

Hello Friends!

Wow, where did the year go?  I think the older I get the shorter the years get.  Yes, I know it really doesn’t but it sure seems like it.  I have an announcement – The Renovation is Complete!!! Yay!

The Renovation –

It may have taken an entire year to complete, but I think it was worth it.  I still don’t have pictures of my craft room or master suite, (I haven’t decorated in those rooms yet!) but I thought I would share what I have so far:)  Please forgive a bit of out of focus, I’m still learning!


My favorite place in the house – the kitchen! The island is made out of an old door out of my parents home!


We call this the gathering area which is the opposite en of the kitchen. Still need comfy chairs to snuggle up to the fire!


Living room, our little dog wouldn’t get out of the way!

We, of course, have the little dog shown in the photo along with our daughter’s dog and cat so the furniture is covered.  You do what you have to in order to keep furniture looking good!

Dining Room – I love the ceiling!!!


Main bathroom (I just smile when I’m in here: It’s so calming)



Street view of house

This was a labor of love!  It had been sitting empty for at least 2 years and the entire subfloor had to be removed from water damage.  Very stinky!! lol  It has now become such a beautiful home and once I get really good at taking and editing pictures I’ll repost and you’ll be able to see how pretty it really is:)

I plan on having some upcoming posts that go into detail on what we did to renovate each room and I hope you stay tuned for that!  The before and after photos should be amazing!

Here are pictures of the gathering area decorated for Christmas –

Christmas Mantle 2017

Next year I will add pops of color to the shelves!  I have seen so many inspiring pictures of bloggers and their beautiful homes and have so many ideas for next year!!  It may be a picture overload:)

Finding Balance – 

This year was a bit difficult with me being sick over the Thanksgiving holiday and working so many hours up until the week of Christmas that I wasn’t able to spend the time I wanted on the decorations.  I had to balance the decorations, work and family obligations.

That’s life though.  We have to be okay with things not being perfect and accept that life throws us curves from time to time:)  I know that I can’t have control over everything and that’s okay!

As I grow older and my journey into my upcoming retirement (maybe?) gets closer I accept that things are changing and I will roll with these changes.  That’s why I have “my crafting therapy” to help me adjust to these changes:)


I hope you all will have a very Blessed Christmas!

National Card Making Day

Hello Friends!  I’ll bet you wondered where I had gone.  I apologize for not posting for a while but we finally got to that point in the sale of our house that we had to move and boy, I don’t know about you all but we had more than I thought we did.  It has really taken up most of my time and that meant that posting was going to take a back seat.

So, I thought what better way to come back to the present by letting you know that this Saturday is National Card Making Day.  As some of you know, my “therapy” is crafting and a big part of that is hand-making all of my greeting cards.  I am also a Stampin’ Up Demonstrator and right now, in junction with National Card Making Day, Stampin’ Up has a promotion going on to save you on picking up those cardmaking essentials that can be used during National Card Making Day or any day of the year.

Right now from October 1 – 5, 2016 you can save up to 25% on all the products below:


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Envelope Punch Board 25% $20 USD/$27 CAD $15 USD/$20.25 CAD
Designer Tin Of Cards Project Kit 25% $27 USD/$36 CAD $20.25 USD/$27 CAD
Fast Fuse Adhesive Refill – Buy A Fast Fuse Adhesive (Item 129026) And Get A Refill For FREE! $7.50 USD/$10 CAD FREE With Purchase Of Fast Fuse Adhesive


Do you remember the last time you received a card in the mail?  In a sea of junk mail and bills, a card is a simple thing that really stands out to the person who receives it.  Sending a card is a small gesture that shows just how much you care about that special someone in your life.  So let’s all participate in National Card Making Day and work on our therapy as well:)

If you would like to take advantage of this offer, you can message me, go to my Facebook page-MyCraftingTherapy or go over to my Stampin’ Up blog at and click on shop.  Have fun and send a card!