The Empty Nest Journey

Hello Friends!

Over this past year I have been sharing parts of my life as I use my “therapy” to cope with a stressful job and the prospect of being an empty nester.  My journey towards an “Empty Nest” took a left turn!

In some of my previous posts I talk a lot about how life throws you curves and how you have to adjust to them.  Well, after having an empty for about a year, one of the little birds has come back for a spell.

Our middle daughter, who had moved to Tennessee to take care of my mother-in-law, and who decided to stay in Tennessee after her grandmother went home to our Lord, now decided she was missing too much of her niece and nephews lives and wanted to move home.

The Move

So, a couple of weekends ago my husband, our oldest daughter and her two children traveled to Tennessee and packed her up and moved her back into our house:)  We are no longer living in an empty nest!

The move was not without some harrowing moments though.  There was an issue with their hotel overbooking and they were sent up a mountain, with a wrong address, and they almost ran off the mountain.

My husband is an extremely accomplished driver, having driven miles in his job and having experience backing up with a trailer.  Well, let me tell you a secret – he was scared!

He said that the road just ended and he had to have our daughter get out of the truck and attempt to direct him, an inch at a time, in turning around at the top of a mountain.  IN THE DARK!

Needless to say, our daughter was crying and our 5-year old granddaughter was crying (and I think my husband would have cried too had the kiddos not been in the car!) at the thought of falling off the mountain!

They did get off the mountain, proceeded to argue with the hotel when they told them they would have to disconnect a loaded U-Haul trailer (not happening), got their money back and drove down to Pigeon Forge and booked another motel.

After that experience, they needed some down time.  So they took our granddaughter to a mini carnival and then let her swim at the hotel! She had a blast!

The following weekend we went to a reunion of my mother-in-law’s family.  It was the first one since her passing:(  It was lovely visiting with everyone and Amy was able to play with the grandkids!

Amy and 3 of the 4 grandkiddos


Empty Nest no more!

I had just begun to park my car in our garage after not being able to for 8 months and now I can’t again:(  Oh well, with a bit of work and good organizing I might be able to park it again soon.

Life is always throwing us curves and we always have to adapt the best we can.  Although our bird has returned once again (I think this makes 4 times but who’s counting. lol), we welcomed her home (along with another dog and cat), made room for her things and went back to our life.

It has been mostly seamless, she’s pretty low maintenance.  She must have picked up some good habits because she has been sweeping and doing dishes without me having to ask her!!!  That’s something new!

We may not be empty nesters any longer, but we will always do what we can to be there for our children!  We will still journey on down the road for the next time the empty nest opens up.

Until then, here’s to family!



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